Tellurismes the world

Akila, artist, painter and pastel artist, teacher, is a woman Who lives and paints in year energy drawn from the Depths of herself, without truce or concessions This very physical approach to the matter, literally "hard" on the canvas until that they "speak" more to do with pain and exhaustion than any artistic satisfaction or happiness. The art and education, it links them in a sublimation of the world and humanity. For Akila, days and days without teaching without art are moments of prostration, in the sense that some workers do not support Sundays, by definition sterile.

But the painting does not fill up as time: You have to dig the tidal wave that has invaded, scrape, use, like the erosion of mountains and deserts, until the frame, back layers of material, stratify again at the same time plastic universe stories of the earth and the human, then eroded again until the artist decreed: Now, that's right. He needs this duet-duel with the material to reach an ineffable moment of balance between his inner strength and tellurismes the world.

Akila is the French resolution. Born in the mountains of Kabylia, she left an Algerian Algeria recently became six years.

Different in a different world, it puts salvation in excellence and knowledge sharing. This is the price we pay to escape the influence of neighborhoods in the grip of moral macho rogue, to ghettoisation and fundamentalism.

This leads us to reflect on the meaning of integration. We consider (too) easily as "integrated" people who are silent to maintain a temporary residence not necessarily renewed. Or who are too young to suffer the abuse of the law. Or just a simple decision prefecture to have their situation simply and quickly returned "chartérisée". So, for that spark, the silence of the city can become a cry but a cry that we despise in the highest state. So the one that is intellectually in the transmission of two cultures tears and suffers. Yet it is the artistic and educational model of what should be done long ago: It was she who loves us.

The survival of an Algerian woman in her artistic and professional commitment, face multiple social and political humiliations inflicted on his family for generations, facing war, to racism sex, can only give something unique.


Metamorphoses, samples of material and a material that has shaped only by the color, which is shaped by the music is a synthesis of color and notes, notes taken in color as was said and done ...

White, red, black etc. ... colors set to music, to sing the paint and polish the notes visually, this is not just "the eye that listens" is also "seeing ear", wonderful composition and recomposition of the senses and what charms the senses, the art has tried this, and the art of Akila is another contribution, and what contribution! In this synthesis of form and aesthetics total.

Abdelmalek Sayad

Research Director,
CNRS immigration,

when exposed to the castle of Chaudon (Eure et Loire) October 9, 1993 with the Algerian painter Mokkrani.

AKILA little woman under bluntly, is a native of Algeria. It opens with the world paint a surprisingly moving and full of sensuality ... Its expression is a great contrast to the past, as opposed to an obscurantist vision of life that is expressed early in the movement of his apples. They attract skim, touch and mingle lovingly, with regard to all the mirror of human nature beautiful and creative.

Far from the clichés of the artist on his pedestal, what guides AKILA is the enrichment of human contact and meet all the art forms. She says "My desire is always to go beyond the barriers of all, encourage the expression of all its artistic possibilities." This meeting the wants and she likes to provoke with everyone she meets, professionals, amateurs, or beginners. For the latter, children, adolescents, adults, and the fresh look of astonishment caused by the first trace emotional, always a great pleasure for her. She always looks forward to the vast field that is then open to creation. This approach, which led her to confront experiences that resonate with her, to both sides of visual artists, musicians, comedians, that along with schoolchildren, oyster farmers, mothers of families, groups of jazz , rap, rock ...


journaliste photographe

Les enfants sont venus à notre secours, pour nous réapprendre à voir l'oeuvre d' Akila Benyahia, miraculeusement revenue dans le giron de la patrie et de la langue oubliée. Cette rencontre dans la lumière de l'art, nous l'attendions, nous l'appréhendions, enfouie en nous-même, avec nos blessures, les plus anciennes, ajoutée aux legs des ancêtres, scellée dans les douleurs.

L'art d' Akila Benyahia ouvre des portes enchantées sous les décombres de la mémoire. Grace aux « porteurs de lumière », avec la nuit dans un dé à coudre, les frontières des espaces, conventionnés par les vicissitudes, craquent sous les coups des paupières. Nos sens nous sont revenus. Nous allons ranger les vieilles armes. Nous allons semer et bâtir dans le terreau des fureurs ataviques, à l'ombre des oliviers millénaires. Akila, la bien nommée, gardienne authentique de notre sagesse.

Dahmane Nedjar

lors de l'exposition à Batna en 1998.

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